BR Class 7 'Oliver Cromwell'

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What is the Burwell Railway Supply Company?

The Burwell Railway Supply Company, or B.R.S.C, was formed on 4th April 1945, and was officially opened for business on 3rd March, 1946. It is a British-based company that supplies, designs, manufactures, maintains, and decorates locomotives, engines, railway rolling stock, vehicles and their parts. They specialise in Standard Gauge locomotives, and are best-known for their steam engines.

The owner of the company is a certain Mr. Burwell, and has been so ever since, though the specific Mr. Burwell in question has changed over the years, as the mantle of Ownership and Director has been passed down the generations. All of these 'Mr. Burwells', as they are jokingly referred to, have been pacifists, a fact that in the past has occasionally affected their business relations and success, in both negative and positive ways. This has granted the company outlying support from railways, businesses, companies, and the public in latter years.

Please note that not all of the images of locomotives, rolling stock, vehicles, engines, and other things on this wiki are designed, supplied, manufactured, maintained, or decorated by B.R.S.C, and are for educational, example or explanatory purposes.

BR Class 5 'Black Five' No. 73096

An example of a steam locomotive similar to one that would be designed by B.R.S.C.


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